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[!!!] Updated Version

This is the English Version from original post on Ameba.

I am a female vocalist.
I am looking to start a Visual Kei band in Tokyo, Japan.
You must be serious about taking the job.

Band Members Wanted!
右矢印3-4 members.
◆Japanese Males。(Preferred since working in Tokyo)
◆1(or 2) Guitars。
◆1 Drummer。
◆1 Bassist。

◆Visual Kei Style
◆Any level experience is OK!

I speak English, Japanese is OK!
If interested, please message me.

Type of sound I'm looking for:
I would like the band to be on the heavier side for the image.
A mix of maybe DIAURA and MEJIBRAY.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
I can be contacted via:
LJ message (here, of course)
Twitter ✩ http://twitter.com/MJaejae
Ameba//Ameblo ✩ http://profile.ameba.jp/sedated-rosa/
Message me for email.


Hello guys, I'm looking to start a Visual Kei band. ^_^)v

Instrument Played (or vocals):
I am vocals.
Though I am learning guitar. ^^

Experience in your musical talent:
Been singing since I was around 3 years of age.
I am a soprano voice type but I can lower my tone.
Have not tried growls, screams are a go. (^ ^)

What type of music your band is, or what type of music you would like to play with a band:
Who inspired you to play your instrument:

I would like a sound in between heavy VK & Oshare. Preferably more to the darker VK side.
Similar to the GazettE, MEJIBRAY & DIAURA with a splash of softness like Royz.
I have way too many inspirations but it was also that "this is for me" thing. (^_^)

East Coast, USA.
Close to NJ & NYC.

**Preferring my band members to be male and Japanese.
You do not have to be Japanese, it's preferred.
Age doesn't really matter as much.
I am doing this as a serious job and I would like to take it over to Tokyo when ready.

**Also preferred if you can speak or have knowledge of the Japanese language.
You do not need band experience.
You do not need to be pro at your instrument, beginners are welcome.

**Searching for 3-4 members.
1(or 2) guitars.
1 bassist.
1 drummer.


So there's bickering and crying and yelling and a touch of happiness in all of the Mura Musume/Otoko world right now. I'm pretty sure it's mostly the musume's that are fighting though. So why...?

I understand that they're going major and a lot of people don't want it because they're afraid the guys are going to change. Musicians are ever changing though.
That's just how the industry works.
Like how they present new looks, they'll present new music.
You're afraid they'll change their sound, change their style.
Well, that's apart of the musical world.
I'm afraid too, but not because I want them to stick to one thing forever.
I'm afraid that with this step, people are going to leave them if the guys don't fit into their expectations.

When a band sticks with one thing all the time, people get tired and whine and want new stuff.
But when they change for you, you whine and complain they're changing on you.
So what exactly is it that you want from them.
Why can't the support just be support in THEIR decisions?

SCREW isn't looking to please just you. If one or two or maybe even 93 fans don't like something, another handful will.
The other fans will be the ones cheering them on, giving them that love and strength to strive forward.
Either way, in the end, there will be fans supporting them and they'll be ever changing.

All I don't want is the visual touch of them to fade away. Every single last release musically, I've loved so I don't worry about the material coming from that area. It's just with all the other bands that have gone major, they lose their visual touch gradually. I don't want that. I fear for that so much. So much.

I'm confident the music will continue to be lovely.
I'm confident Byou's vocal skills will get even better than before. It always has with passing time.
I'm confident in the members.

This is a big step for them and it was their decision to sign into a major company. I support it.
They've worked their behinds off and struggled through hate and hardships for the past six years, even from the point that Yuuto left and the band could've just disappeared there.
Byou didn't want it anymore. If this band were to have ended back then, he would've been gone from the musical world. We would've lost him. But the members were there. They brought him back up to his feet. They helped him push on and Kazuki pulled him along with all the encouragement he had in him. I thank you, leader. Then Rui entered the picture. Making himself a permanent home in the band and relaxing like he could. Lol Although he had to face way too much hate that he didn't deserve, he pushed it aside with a smile and helped the band stand back up tall.
SCREW came back better than ever.

Rui, I sincerely thank you with everything that I am. You are perfect and you should know that. You've pulled the members back up for the better and I love you for it.
Jin, you, I love you for giving into Byou's persistence on you to join the group. I know you made him very happy and you wouldn't leave the band for any reason.
Manabu, you are just great. Although you also faced leader's harshness, he accepted in the end and loves you now and you make them better as a whole.
Kazuki, you are just you. Sometimes I want to hit you for being the way you are but in the end, your leadership and friendship means a lot to the fans and band alike. Thank you.
Byou, thank you. For everything. You've struggled so much and you're still here. And even if you're like a little baby sometimes, it's only because you want to be loved. I understand. You are stronger than anyone ever, I hope you know this. Thank you for not leaving us all behind.

All my thankfulness aside, I am fully behind their decision to take this step. I'm ready to walk it with them.
They'll lose fans, they'll gain fans but they will forever have me steady by their side.

I'm not expecting anyone to agree with me but I know that some will. Because as muras, we love them that much.
I'm ready. Tokuma Japan, SCREW loves, muras, let's do this and stain the world in purple madness!

[INFO] SCREW Major Debut

PSC Indies band -- SCREW -- to go major on October 17th, 2012 signing with TOKUMA JAPAN COMMUNICATIONS.
1st Major debut single "XANADU" goes on sale the same day along with the kick-off to their 'Xanadu 7th Heaven' tour

Congrats to all 5 members for working so hard for the last 6 years. Although I'm a little iffy about the going major, I'm also extremely proud at the moment. I've seen so many bands from PSC go major and lose their visual touch or change in sound. I believe these 5 here will stay the way they are though. If anyone can do it, it's these 5 here.

Leader, I know you're going to pull the band in the direction that's best for you guys. I trust you. I'll support whatever ends up happening. The only thing I regret is I'm not going to be there for you at your major debut. Sincerely sorry, this mura fails a tad bit. If you guys would've waited until next year when I returned... but you deserve this. ❤

I'll be there for you guys next time. Let me promise you that. ❤

Congratulations precious SCREW, you have my eternal support and love.
マナブ~ルイ~鋲~和己~ジン ❤

[TRANS] SCREW - Dearest Wish

Ugh what is all the pretty of this song's meaning.
Let me hug you, mr. vocal, for writing such a song.
It's all pretty in Japanese as it is.
The meaning in English is pretty too so something's wrong. Lol
I'm about to punch some foam.

Dearest Wish
Anytime it’s too late when I realize
she is important and I get self-hatred
How many times this will be at total?

I seem to lose sight of you
I don’t lose interest in you
Hey, don’t avert your eyes
The love being cried by the awkward love
If we are together, we can overcome it
Light and darkness, Me and you,
those won’t be mixed but
Escaping from the nihilistic hideout
we’ve gotten astray,
and then if we could share our pain,
tears and laughs together,
I’ll wish a same dream set on a song by your side
The inside of my brain thoroughly prove I love you,
after such a long time though
Doesn’t your biorhythm beat me any longer?
I start to run,
glancing the hand which is about to stop
I wonder to what kind of scenery
I will arrive
I’ll take you even everywhere
The sun dyed in red said to the moon
as if it sensed everything
“Two sides of the same coin,
after two as one, right?”
“Destined to be together”, I said as if mimicking
When you who are being disgusted will laugh,
I’ll whisper a love song...

The love being cried by the awkward love
If we are together, we can overcome it
Light and darkness, Me and you,
those won’t be mixed but
Escaping from the nihilistic hideout we’ve gotten astray,
and then if we could share our pain, tears and laughs together,
I’ll wish a same dream set on a song by your side

May one’s dearest wish reach to you one day

trans credits: MNG

[THOUGHTS] SCREW European Tour

So everyone's all excited and figuring out meet-up plans and meet&greet info is coming in and all that good stuff while
I'm sitting at home in the states like "fml but you guys make them feel welcomed, okay?<3"
I want to go~ (T ^ T) so unfair... why must flights be 6746587 bucks?
I would've been able to meet them. I would've had a freaking blast.
Kill me now but don't.
I'll see them somewhere else on of there days.
Lol okies, European fans, enjoy yourselves.
Mura Musume's make SCREW feel proud! <333


.gif credits: found from amano-futagoza@tumblr


As you know, the men of SCREW are airing their monthly "SCREW TV" through ..
NicoNico on May 22nd -- 21:00 JST
(It's 8:00AM EST -- 5:00 AM PST)

Link: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv93102734?ref=ser&zroute=search&keyword=SCREW
You can time-shift the airing via the little yellow tab in the grey box if you can't make the live airing.

That's all for now.
The airing is in 6.5 hours, catch them before they head off on their European tour! (^__^)/

[MYPOST] Random~

I just really like this quote from Kai~ <3

The future is like a white sheet of paper. It’s interesting to see how much you can ‘leave your mark’ on that paper. Like love. It all starts with a white sheet - it’s really intriguing what kind of color the two will paint that paper.

I think it's just really well said and makes me smile. (^__^)v

*tosses in random .gifs*

XD I love it.

credits: c-a-l-m-e-n-v-y & my-ipod-died
So I watched the DVD version of the show today and it totally brought me back to that day.
January 14th, 2012.
I was in Tokyo.
I was there for the members of the GazettE that day.
OMEGA was amazing then and is still amazing now, being able to relive the event.
I really hope that those Sixth Guns/Heretics out there that have never been to one of
their live shows, find your way to one somehow. You will most likely cry from all the amazing
slapping you in the face. o_o

On a side note.. =_=
I spotted myself in the dvd so many times, it made no sense. XD
Me and my retarded tall self in the arena floor.
Whatever. XD
No one knows.


They totally rocked Yokohama Arena that night.
I don't care :3

gif credits: sam on tumblr

[FANART] the GazettE -- Aoi & Kai

So I was pretty much scrolling along the internet sites and
bam this lovely piece of artwork appears.
I'm not sure who created it but it's beautiful and I'm pretty sure if these two men
were in an anime, they'd be looking similar to this here.
I mean it even looks like them .____.
What genius made this... let me hug you.

credits: gazerocksnob@tumblr & her previous sources.